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Latest Orders & Circulars-Spar-Salary Related

Spark data correction by DDO(Basic Pay, Last Pay Change, Next Increment Date, Bill  type) Circular
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Half pay Leave and other leaves-Basic pay limit revised with effect from 01-07-2019-GO(P)No79-2021
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Latest Spark Solutions-Help Files (By Spark PMU & Jimmy Augustine)
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Offline Challan Details Submission for Bulk Loan Refund by DDO”-final-03-09-2021
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BASIC-PAY-CORRECTION IN SPARK-Help File by Spark PMU(03-11-2021)
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Take Charge of DDO-Spark Tips
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New DDO Steps in Spark-BIMS
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Create Establishment User Login-Spark Tips
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Processing Salary Arrears Terminal Surrender
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Salary Processing through LPC
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Individual Login & Spark on Mobile-Spark Tips
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New Employee PEN creation-Spark Tips
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Menus & Options in Spark-Spark Tips
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e-treasury User Guide
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DSC-Digital Signature installation steps in SPARK and BIMS
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Govt. Orders & Circulars-Spark Related(Archives)

NPS Deferred Salary New Instructions dated 22-10-2021
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2021 ഓണം അഡ്വാൻസ് തിരിച്ചു പിടിക്കുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ച്  പുതിയ നിർദ്ദേശം 
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Deferred Salary_NPS Deduction Latest Circular(dated:23-09-2021)
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Deferred Salary_NPS Deduction  Circular(dated 03-09-2021)
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Declaration for Deferred Salary_NPS Deduction (for 08-2020 Deferred Salary bill Only)
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Deferred Salary_NPS Deduction Help file pdf 
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Periodic Surrender of Earned Leave(ELS) deferred New Order ➞ Download

Onam Allowance/Bonus 2021 GO ━➤ Download

Onam Advance 2021 GO  ━➤ Download

Paperless Salary bill System in Edu Department GO ➞ Download

Rename TEN as Spark ID Dated (8-7-21) ➞ Download 

Validating-the-AG-slip-for-Gazetted-Employees➞ Download 

HRA CLASS CHANGE Help File ➞ Download 

Deferred Salary Distribution Help File  ➞ Download 

Latest Salary Instructions to the treasury 
Tutorial Regarding “Online Appointment System” for visiting SPARK PMU (Thiruvananthapuram) ➞  Click here

e-submission-of-paperless-salary-bills Video Tutorial ➞  Click here

Assigning DDO Charge to an officer in the absence of original DDO(Circular)➞  Click here

Complete Video tutorial(e-filling) by Alrahman ➞  Click here

Complete Features of E-filing new site Help video(By Alrahman) ➞  Click here

Tutorial-Regarding-'Assigning-DDO charge' ➞ Download

Paperless Salary bill System in Edu Department GO ➞ Download

Paperless Salary bill System Help Video(info spark) ➞ Click here

e-treasury User Guide  ➞ Download

No Countersign for BIMS Bills GO 2021 ➞ Download

E Filing New Site ➞  Click here

E-filing in new site Help video ➞  Click here

e-Filling-2.0-2021(pdf)By Gigi Sir ➞ Download

E Filing Guide(pdf) 2021 by Sudheer Sir ➞ Download
➞ Download 

Vacation Salary to teachers latest instructions ➞ Download 

DA Arrears of Retired-PF Closed cases latest Instructions ➞ Download 
DA Arrears of Retired-Modified Order ➞ Download 

DGE എയ്ഡഡ്  ശമ്പള_ശമ്പള ഇതര ബില്ലുകൾ ഒപ്പുവെക്കുന്നത് സംബന്ധിച്ചു് ➞ Download 

Increment Sanction from RDD(For Aided HSS)-Proforma ➞ Download

Pay Revision 2019_ Fixation Statement Sample(By Latest GO) ➞ Download

Pay Revision 2019_Further Instructions & Fixation Statement Sample ➞ Download 

March 2021 Salary Instruction to Treasury (Dated 29-03-2021)➞ Download 

11th Pay Revision-Pension Revision Instruction ➞ Download 

RDD Entitlement authority for Aided HSS 2021 ➞ Download 

Instructions for Latest DA Arrears for Retired or PF closed cases ➞ Download 

Pay Revision Salary Instructions to Treasury ➞Download 

Pay Revision Updation in Spark-Help file from Info Spark➞Download 

Pay Revision Updation in Spark Latest Instructions➞Download 

DA Arrears Processing help file from info spark➞ Download 

DA Arrear(from 01-2019 to 02-2021) Processing Help file ➞ Download

DSC-Digital Signature installation steps in SPARK and BIMS➞Click here

Pay Revision Updation in Spark Latest Instructions➞

Deferred Salary disbursement Treasury Instructions ➞Download 

Deferred Salary disbursement Order Download 

Aided Institutions Bills without Countersign order➞Download

Leave surrender to GPF from Nov 2020  ➞ Download

Spark Part Salary processing Instructions➞Download

Correction of SPARK data Guidelines for DDOs➞Download

DDO Settings in spark New instructions➞Download

Spark data correction required documents➞Download

Help Files & Videos(Archives)

  • HOW TO Download FORM-16 from TRACES➞Click here
  • A Complete Book on Spark & BiMS➞Click here
  • DSC-Digital Signature installation steps in SPARK and BIMS➞Click here
  • DSC Signer Updation in Spark & Google Chrome Update➞Click here
  • New Increment Module in spark for Aided Institutions➞Click here
  • New Promotion Module in spark for Aided Institutions➞Click here
  • Newly Introduced Transfer& Join Module in spark-Aided Institutions➞Click here
  • New Permanent Employee Number(PEN) creation in spark➞Click here
  • How to get Individual Login access in Spark➞ Video-1 | Video-2
  • How to Reset Password in Spark➞ Video-1 | Video-2
  • GPF NRA Withdrawal/Conversion Procedure in Spark➞Click here
  • Initialization of DSC in Windows Operating System ➞Click here
  • Initialization of DSC in Ubuntu-Linux Operating System ➞Click here
  • E-Submission of Paperless Salary bills-➞Click here
  • How to Mark Retirement of an employee➞Click here
  • Temporary Employees Registration module in Spark➞Click here
  • Salary Processing of Temporary Employees in Spark➞Click here
  • Prof Tax deduction through Spark&Proceedings from BIMS➞Click here
  • Income Tax Calculation in Spark ➞Click here
  • Aided HSS Daily Wages Bill Preparation New Procedure➞Click here
  • Leave Module in Spark(Leave Account-Leave availed-Online Leave Management)➞Click here
  • Leave Account Correction in Spark➞Click here
  • Designation change in spark➞Click here
  • Grade/Promotion/Reversion processing and Fixation on promotion in Spark ➞Click here


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