SSLC Result Analyser-2021

2021 എസ്.എസ്.എല്‍.സി പരീക്ഷാഫലം പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിച്ചു 

SSLC Results Declared: 99.47%..........

Full A+  Winners: 121318

SSLC Result  2021 Press Release  ━➤ Download

Online Result Analysis (By KITE) ━➤ Click here 
(Now Available)

Always available Result Link (Keralaresults-NIC Site)

Individual Result  |  School Wise Result    (Individual & Schoowise Available)

Link -1  (PRD Kerala)(Now Available)

Link -2  (Kite Site) (Now Available) |  Schoolwise Results ━➤Link

Link -3  (SSLC-iExaMS Site)(Now Available)

Link-4   (Exam Results Kerala)

എസ്.എസ്.എല്‍.സി. (എച്ച്.ഐ) ━➤ Link

റ്റി.എച്ച്.എസ്.എല്‍.സി. (എച്ച്.ഐ) ━➤ Link

ടി.എച്ച്.എസ്.എല്‍.സി. (THSLC) ━➤ Link 

എ.എച്ച്.എസ്.എല്‍.സി. (AHSLC) ━➤ Link

SSLC Offline Result Analyser-2021

Offline SSLC Result Analyser(Windows Version
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Offline SSLC Result Analyser for 2021(Windows Version
┗➤ Download   (Up to 1500 Full A+ Students List Possible
Help file 
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Offline SSLC Result Analyser(
Linux Version)
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Offline SSLC Result Analyser for 2021(Linux Version)
┗➤ Download  (Up to 1500 Full A+ Students List Possible


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