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Plus One(+1)Result Analyser 2021(Online & Offline)-Check Your Plus One Results

പ്ലസ് വൺ റിസൾട്ട് പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിച്ചു

പ്ലസ് വൺ ഇംപ്രൂവ്മെൻറ് പരീക്ഷ തീരുമാനമായില്ല...

പ്ലസ് വൺ വൺ റീവാലുവേഷന് സ്വന്തം സ്കൂളിൽ അപേക്ഷിക്കേണ്ട അവസാന തീയതി : 02-12-2021

Download Revaluation Forms
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+1 Online Result Analyser (ACDATAPRO)

+1 Online Result Analyser (ACDATAPRO)
┗➤ Click here    (Now Available)

(⛔Service unavailable Message only due to high traffic issue... 🔖 Refresh browser again & again to load ACDATAPRO)

Official Result Links

NIC Site
┗➤ Result Link

Check Your Individual Result
┗➤ Click here 

Check Schoolwise Result
┗➤ Click here 

┗➤ Result Link

PRD Site
┗➤ Result Link-1

+1 Offline Result Analyser for Schools by Bibin C Jacob

(Windows Version)

Offline +1 Result Analyser 5.2-(Windows Version)
┗➤ Download      |     Help file     (Last Updated on 28-11-2021)
(For results from

Offline +1 Result Analyser 5.4-(Windows Version)
┗➤ Download     (+1 CE Mark Extractor Included(Last Updated on 28-11-2021)
(For results from

+1 CE Mark Extractor for iExaMS(Windows Version)
┗➤ Download

(Linux Version)
Offline +1 Result Analyser(Linux Version)
┗➤ Download      |   Help video link
(For results from

+1 CE Mark Extractor for iExaMS(Linux Version)
┗➤ Download

Help file to get First Year CE marks in Excel from iExaMS
┗➤ Download
(CE Marks must be entered for Correct offline Analysis)

List of HSS Schools and School Codes

Thiruvananthapuram ━➤ Click here

Kollam ━➤ Click here

Pathanamthitta ━➤ Click here

Alappuzha ━➤ Click here

Kottayam ━➤ Click here

Idukki ━➤ Click here

Ernakulam ━➤ Click here

Thrissur ━➤ Click here

Palakkad ━➤ Click here

Kozhikkode ━➤ Click here

Malappuram ━➤ Click here

Wayanad ━➤ Click here

Kannur ━➤ Click here

Kasargode ━➤ Click here

Arabian Gulf ━➤ Click here

Lakshadweep ━➤ Click here

Mahe ━➤ Click here


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