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2024 Model Exam QP & Answerkey
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Model QP for Final Preparation by Binu P J
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+2 Physics Model Exam-2023 by Kannur Team
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+2 Physics Revision-2024 Class by KITE
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Plus Two Physics Study Notes-Revised for March 2024
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Plus Two Physics Study Notes by Lukman Sherif for March 2024
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Plus Two Physics Study Notes- for March 2024 by Seema Tr
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2023 Model Exam QP & Answerkey
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Cahpterwise Weghtage 2023
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SCERT Sample QP for 2023
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KITE Revision Class for 2023 (useful)
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Plus Two Physics short notes 2023 handwritten by Seema Tr
(Last Minute Preparation File)
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Plus Two Phy imp questions 2023 only for backward Students 
(വളരെ പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട കുറച്ചു ചോദ്യങ്ങളും ഉത്തരങ്ങളും മാത്രം)
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+2 Physics Question Bank Malayalam 2023 by VHSE Team
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Plus Two Latest Pattern Physics Model Question papers for the 2023 exam by RPA
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Plus Two Physics Chapterwise Question Papers & Answer keys by Yamuna Tr
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Plus Two Physics PHYSOL-2-By Academic Team HSPTA Malappuram
(The Solution for Learning Physics)
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+2 Physics Final Preparation Model Qp by Binu P J Wayanad
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+2 Physics Final Preparation Files for 2023
+2 Physics Dropped Topics/Chapters from evaluation for 2022-2023  Published by SCERT.....
(ഈ വർഷത്തെ +2 പൊതു പരീക്ഷക്ക് ഒഴിവാക്കിയ പാഠഭാഗങ്ങൾ)
Plus Two deleted Topics(Physics)
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Plus Two Physics Revised Notes based on deleted Topics(Seema Tr)
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Plus Two Physics Revised Questions Bank 2023 based on deleted Topics(Seema Tr)
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Plus Two Physics Malayalam Notes for the 2023 Exam by VHSE Team
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Chapter-wise Questions Prepared by HSS Physics Teachers Malappuram

Plus Two Physics Important Questions by SUBHASH K G, THARAKAN HSS ANGADIPURAM
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+2 Physics Chapter-wise Questions By Sreeraj MS

+2 Physics Chapter-wise Questions By Anoop Navagar(All Chapters)
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100 One Mark Questions for Full Mark
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+2 Physics Chapter wise Questions-By Lukman Sherif P(All Chapters)
1 Marks Questions & Answers 
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2 Marks Questions & Answers
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3 Marks Questions & Answers
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4 Marks Questions & Answers
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5 Marks Questions & Answers
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+2 Physics Model Exam-2022
Question Paper
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+2 Physics Chapterwise Weightage Based on Model Exam QP
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Detailed Chapterwise Weightage Based on Model Exam QP
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Plus Two Physics Model QP(Chapters 1 to 6) by St Mary's HSS, Mullankolly
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Plus Two Physics Model QP(Chapters 7 to 14) by St Mary's HSS, Mullankolly
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Plus Two Physics Model QP(All Chapters)
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Final Preparation Model Exam by HSPTA Malappuram(Exclusive)
Plus Two Physics Model Exam-2022 by HSPTA Malappuram
Question Paper
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Detailed Answer Key 
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+2 Physics Study Notes
Plus Two Physics Study Notes(Focus Area)
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Plus Two Physics Study Notes(Full Topics)
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+2 Physics Quick Revision Notes-2022 by Bibin C Jacob
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+2 Physics Quick Revision Notes(Hand Written)
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Plus Two Physics Study Notes in Malayalam(By VHSE Team)
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Plus Two-STEP UP Study Notes by Vijayabheri Malappuram-2022
+2 Physics  Notes
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Plus Two Study Materials-SPLASH-2022
+2 Physics  Notes(Focus Area-based)
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Plus Two Study Materials-Thelima By Higher Secondary NSS Team
+2 Physics  Notes
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Arike-All in One Plus Two Study Handbook-2022 by Wayanad Dist Panchayath
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Plus Two Physics Worksheet by DIET Tvm 
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+2 Physics Previous Years Question Bank & Revision Exams
Plus Two Physics Important Questions Only by Seema tr
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Plus Two Physics Question bank-Malayalam by Santo Jose Sir

Plus Two Physics Year wise Question Papers & Answer keys
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Plus Two Physics Chapterwise Question Papers & Answer keys
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Plus Two Physics PHYSOL-2-By Academic Team HSPTA Malappuram
(The Solution for Learning Physics)
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PHYSOL-2(Plus Two Physics Revision Exam Test Series-2022 by HSPTA Malappuram)
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+2 Physics Focus Area-based Quick Revision Notes-2021(Important Q&A) 
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+2 Physics Revision Videos by KPS
Plus Two Physics Videos with Green Board(Part-1)-Focus Area
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Plus Two Physics Videos with Green Board(Part-2)-Non-Focus Area
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Plus Two Physics Videos(with Animation Support)
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KOKO TOPUP-22 For Final Exam Preparation by CG& AC Kozhikode-Kollam
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Plus Two Revision Class 2022-KITE VICTERS Channel(First Bell 2.0)
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First Bell 2.0-Plus Two Physics Class Victers Youtube Channel Links & Notes
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Plus Two Physics Super Revision Videos(focus + non-focus)
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Plus Two Physics Exam Special Playlist
+2Physics ന് A+ ഉറപ്പാക്കാൻ സഹായിക്കുന്ന 7 ക്ലാസ്സുകൾ.. തീർച്ചയായും കാണുക..പഠിക്കുക
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Plus Two Physics just basics for just pass...
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Check List for +2 Physics Exam-2022(By Yamuna tr)
Chapter: 1 Electric charges and Fields

Focus area (imp topics)
properties of electric charge
⚡ coulomb's law-definition & derivation
⚡ Properties of field lines
⚡Draw positive charge/negative charge/ positive and negative charge(dipole)/two positive charges
⚡ Electric dipole/dipole moment
⚡ Electric field due to a dipole axial point&equatorial point & their relation-derivation
⚡ Non-polar molecules/polar molecules
⚡ Electric flux/charge density
⚡ Gauss theorem-proof, definition, features, applications 

Out of focus area (imp topics)

Torque acting on electric dipole

Chapter: 2
Electrostatic potential and capacitance

Focus area (Imp. Topics)

💯 Electrostatic potential - definition & eqn./equipotential surface-definition & properties / capacitance-definition/unit/eqn. 
💯 Potential due to a point charge-derivation
💯 Draw equipotential surface at a single charge/equipotential surface for a uniform electric field/equipotential surface for dipole/equi potential surface for two identical postive charges
💯 capacitor-definition
💯 Capacitance of parallel plate capacitor/capacitor in series/capacitor in parallel-figure & derivation
💯 Energy stored in a capacitor/energy density of a capacitors

Out of focus area (Imp. Topics)
💯 Potential due to electric dipole
💯 Potential energy stored in an electric dipole.

3. Current Electricity

🔥Ohm's law & Limitations of ohms law
🔥Drift velocity
     Relation between Drift velocity and current
🔥Combination of resistors
🔥combination of cells
🔥Kirchofs laws=Applications of Kirchhoff laws/Metre bridge/Potentiometer
🔥Appication of potentiometer (Deleted for 2023)
🔥whestone bridge

4. Moving charges and magnetism

Magnetic Lorentz force/Lorentz force /Fleming's left-hand rule/right-hand thumb rule-definition
⚡Biot savarts law/magnetic field due to a circular coil-proof-sure question.
⚡Ampere circuital theorem/magnetic field due to a solenoid/field due to a straight wire 
⚡Cyclotron-out of focus-imp
⚡moving coil galvanometer 
⚡Torque on a rectangular current loop in a uniform magnetic field. 
Current sensitivity/voltage sensitivity of the galvanometer/conversion of galvanometer to ammeter/conversion of galvanometer to a voltmeter

5. Magnetism & matter

💯 Gauss law in magnetism/dynamo effect/magnetic meridian/geographic meridian- statement
💯 Elements of earth magnetism
💯 Magnetisation/magnetic susceptibility/magnetic permeability/magnetic intensity  - define

6.Elctromagnetic induction

🔆 Faraday laws of electromagnetic induction/Lenz's law/Eddy current-definition
🔆 Demonstration of Eddy current - Applications, disadvantages
🔆 Inductance
🔆 Ac generator-principle, construction, working 
🔆 Hydroelectric/Thermal/nuclear power generators

7. Alternating current

🔥AC voltage and AC current/Advantages and disadvantage of AC
💯AC voltage applied to a Resistor
💥AC voltage applied to an inductor
⚡AC voltage applied to a capacitor
🔥AC voltage applied to a series LCR circuit/impedance/LCR resonance
💯The power factor
⚡Application of resonance

8. Electromagnetic waves

❣️ Displacement current 
❣️ Properties of electromagnetic waves
❣️ Electromagnetic spectrum (uses imp)

9. Ray optics

💯Mirror formula
💯Magnification - conditions
💯Refraction at a spherical surface
💯Thin lens  formula
💯Lens makers formula
💯Refraction through a prism 

10. Wave optics

🔆 Huygen's principle
🔆 Expression of Bandwidth
🔆 Polarization 
🔆 Brewster law(Deleted for 2023)

11. Dual nature of matter and radiations

💯Work function
💯Diferent types of Electron emission
💯Photo electric effect
💯Laws of photoelectric emission
💯Einsteins photoelectric equation
💯Wave nature of matter
💯Debrogile wavelength of an electron
💯Davission-Gemer experiment
💯Bohr theory from de Broglie wave
💯particle nature of light photons

12. Atoms

Bohr model of the hydrogen atom
⚡ Limitation of Rutherford model
⚡ Radii of bohrs  stationary orbits
⚡ de Broglie explanation of bohr's second postulate of quantisation. 

13. Nuclei

🔥 Atomic number/mass number/composition of the nucleus
🔥 Isotopes, size of the nucleus, isobars, isotones 
🔥 Nuclear force/ radioactivity

14. Semi-Conductors

💫 Intrinsic semiconductor/extrinsic semiconductor
💫 Application of junction diode as a rectifier/doping 
💫 Digital electronics (Deleted for 2023)
💫 Logic Gates (Deleted for 2023)

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