Plus Two Accountancy & Comp Accounting(CA) Study Materials


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+2 Accountancy Notes & PPT Prepared By BINOY GEORGE, MKNM HSS Kumaramangalam, Thodupuzha

ChapterStudy Notes
1 ➙ Binoy Sir
1 ➙ Binoy Sir
Video Class
Accounting for Not-for-ProfitNotes-1PPT-1
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Accounting for Partnership Basic ConceptsNotes-1PPT-1
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Admission of a PartnerNotes-1PPT-1Click here
Retirement of a PartnerNotes-1PPT-1Click here
Dissolution of Partnership FirmsNotes-1PPT-1Click here
Computerised Accounting
Overview of Comp AccNotes-1Download
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Use of SpreadsheetNotes-1Download
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Graphs and ChartsNotes-1Download
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DBMS For Accounting(Base)Notes-1Download
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Plus Two Accountancy-Previous Questions For Five Years By Vinod Sir Rajapuram HSS, Kasargod
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