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Plus Two Business Studies Study Notes | HSS Reporter

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ChapterStudy Notes
1 ➙ Binoy Sir
1 ➙ Binoy Sir
1. Nature and Significance of MgtNotes-1PPT-1
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2. Principles of ManagementNotes-1PPT-1
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3. Business EnvironmentNotes-1PPT-1
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4. PlanningNotes-1PPT-1Click here
5. OrganisingNotes-1PPT-1
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6. StaffingNotes-1PPT-1Click here
7. DirectingNotes-1PPT-1Click here
8. ControllingNotes-1PPT-1Click here
9. Financial ManagementNotes-1PPT-1Click here
10. Financial MarketsNotes-1PPT-1Click here
11. MarketingNotes-1PPT-1Click here
12. Consumer ProtectionNotes-1PPT-1Click here

✍ +2 Business StudiesNotes PPT Prepared By BINOY GEORGE,MKNM HSS Kumaramangalam, Thodupuzha


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