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  • HSS Reporter is an Exclusive WhatsApp group for HSST's in Higher Secondary Schools in Kerala
          HSS Repoter-1 to 23
          HSS Repoter-Spark Helps-1
          HSS Repoter-Spark Helps-2
          HSS Repoter-Spark Helps-3
          HSS Repoter-Spark Helps-4
          HSS Repoter-Gainpf Helps
          HSS Reporter-Help for iExaMS
          HSS Repoter-Scholarship Helps
Rules of this group (Anyone violating this rules will be removed)
  • This group share Updates from DHSE Portal,hsCAP,,,Spark,Finance site,PRD sites and HSS related news from News papers etc...
  • Any one can post genuine news in this group (choose reliable source)
  • Political/Union based posts Not allowed in this group(very strict in this rule)
  • Personal/ Personal School posts Not allowed in this group
  • No personal/friends chats allowed in this group
  • try to avoid unnecessary discussions in this group....(bcoz it irritates group members)  
  • please avoid charity/blood request messages in this group(bcoz many of them are fake or outdated)
  • We have so many other groups to share all other things....So pls adjust with our rule
  • Use delete for everyone option to delete a message posted wrongly in HSS REPORTER Group before removal

All these rules maintained for the easiness of all members this group 


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  2. Sir as I had a problem with my net connection while filling in the form to join the group, I request you to add my number in the whatsApp group.No 8921026599. Thank you Principal GHSS Peringalam Kollam

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