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Chapter Name Chapter wise
Chapter wise
Question Bank

1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Download Click here
2. Structure of Atom Download Click here
3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Download Click here
4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Download Click here
5. States of Matter Download Click here
6. Thermodynamics Download Click here
7. Equilibrium Download Click here
8. Redox Reactions Download Click here
9. Hydrogen Download Click here
10. The S-Block Elements Download Click here
11. The p-Block Elements Download Click here
12. Organic Chemistry–Some Basic Principles and Techniques Download Click here
13. Hydrocarbons Download Click here
14. Environmental Chemistry Download Click here

Prepared by Anil Kumar K L, HSST Chemistry, GHSS Ashtamudi

+1 Chemistry Study Notes Prepared by Yoosafali T K, GHSS Varavoor
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+1 Chemistry Problems & Solutions by Yoosafali T K
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+1 Chemistry Victers Channel Class PlayList-HSS Reporter
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+1 Chemistry Questions & Answer(FA) by Chemistry Association Palakkad(CAP)
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