Plus Two Zoology Practice Exams-2024



 Plus Two Zoology Practice Exams by Navas Sir 

Chapter Name  Question
Answer key 
1. Human Reproduction Download Download
2. Reproductive health Download Download
3. Principles of inheritance & variation Download Download
4. Molecular basis of inheritance Download Download
5. Evolution Download Download
6. Human health and disease Download Download
7. Microbes in human welfare Download Download
8. Biodviersty and conservation Download Download

Plus Two Zoology Final Preparation files
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Plus Two Chapterwise Revision Test-2024

01-Human Reproduction
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02-Reproductive Health
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03-Principles Of Inheritance and Variation
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04-Molecular Basis of Inheritance
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06-Human Health and Disease
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07-Microbes in Human Welfare
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08-Biodiversity and Conservation
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