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Plus One Zoology Practice Exam(Chapterwise)

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✍ Plus One Zoology Practice Exam(Chapterwise) Prepared by Navas Cheemadan, SOHSS Areekode
Chapter Name Chapterwise
 Exam QP
 Exam Key
1. The Living World Download Download
2. Animal Kingdom Download Download
3. Structural Organisation in Animals
(Deleted Chapter for 2023)
(Deleted) (Deleted)
4. BiomoleculesDownload
5. Digestion and Absorption
(Deleted Chapter for 2023)
6. Breathing and Exchange of Gases Download Download
7. Body Fluids and Circulation Download Download
8. Excretory Products and their Elimination Download
9. Locomotion and Movement Download Download
10. Neural Control and Coordination Download
11. Chemical Coordination and Integration Download Download


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