Plus One Political Science Study Notes(Full Topics)


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✍ +2 Political Science Notes(Full Topic) By Joby John,HSST Jr. Political Science,GHSS Adhoor, Kasaragod

Chapter Name Chapter-wise
1. Constitution: Why and How? Download
2. Rights in the Indian Constitution Download
3. Election and Representation Download
4. Executive Download
5. Legislature
6. Judiciary Download
7. Federalism Download
8. Local Governments Download
9. Constitution as a Living Document Download
10. The Philosophy of the Constitution Download
11. Political Theory Download
12. Freedom Download
13. Equality Download
14. Social Justice Download
15. Rights Download
16. Citizenship Download
17. Nationalism Download
18. Secularism Download
19. Peace Download
20. Development Download

Plus One Political Science Notes(All in one pdf) by Dr.Denny Varghese)
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