Plus Two Computer Science Focus Area Based Revision


+2 Computer Science Chapter wise Q & A by Soumya CS,GBHSS Parayanchery

Focus Area Based(All Chapters) ➙ Download

+2 Computer Science Worksheet by SSK

+2 Focus Area 2021(Points to Remember-Sample Question & Answers)

Chapter wise Notes Prepared By Sri.Naveen Bhaskar,SN Trust HSS,Shoranur

1.Structures and Pointers  Download

2.Concepts of Object Oriented Programming ➙ Download

3.Data structures and operations Download

4.Web Technology Download

5.Web Designing Using HTML Download

6.Client side Scripting using Javascript Download

7.Web Hosting Download

8.Database Management System Download

9.Structured Query Language Download

10.Server Side Scripting using PHP Download

11.Advances in Computing Download

12.ICT & Society Download


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