Plus Two Computer Application Focus Area Based Question Bank


Chapter wise weightage (Focus Area & Non Focus Area) ➙ Click here 

Chapter wise Questions and Answers Prepared by RADHIKA CV,GHSS ATHAVANAD

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Focus Area based Short Notes All Chapters prepared by Asees V

+2 Computer Application Focus Area based Short Notes All Chapters ➙ Click here 

Chapter No Chapter Name Chapter wise Weightage
(Based on Model Exam 2021)
Revision Questions
1 Review of C++ Programming 16 Download
2 Arrays 8 Download
3 Functions 8 Download
4 Web Technology 16 Download
5 Web Designing Using HTML 16 Download
6 Client Side Scripting Using JavaScript 10 Download
7 Web Hosting 8 Download
8 Data Base Management System 12 Download
9 Structured Query Language 10 Download
10 Enterprise Resource Planning 8 Download
11 Trends and Issues in ICT 8 Download
  Total 120

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