Plus Two Accountancy-CA Final Preparation-2022


Plus Two Accountancy-CA Final Preparation Files
Plus Two Accountancy-CA Model Exam-2022
Question Paper
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Accountancy-CA Chapterwise Weightage Bassed on Model Exam QP
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Plus Two Accountancy-CA Study Materials(FA 2022 Based)
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+2 Accountancy-CA Model Question Paper(Set-1) by Binoy Sir
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+2 Accountancy-CA Model Question Paper(Set-2) by Binoy Sir
Question Paper
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Plus Two Accountancy-CA Expected non-focus area questions CA 2022 by Binoy
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Plus Two Accountancy-CA Quick Revision Notes by Sreekumar P R
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Expected Questions & Answers Based on VICTERS  Live Revision 2022
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Plus Two-STEP UP Study Notes by Vijayabheri Malappuram-2022
+2 Accountancy-CA Notes
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Plus Two Study Materials-Thelima By Higher Secondary NSS Team-2022
+2   Accountancy-CA Notes
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Arike-All in One Plus Two Study Handbook-2022 by Wayanad Dist Panchayath-Science-Commerce-Humanities
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KOKO TOPUP-22 For Final Exam Preparation by CG& AC Kozhikode-Kollam
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Plus Two Revision Class 2022-KITE VICTERS Channel(First Bell 2.0)
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Accounting with CA
15. Expected questions

1. State any 4 Features of the income and expenditure Account.

2. What are the differences between Receipts and payment Account and income and expenditure account?

3. what is legacy?
4. List out any 4 contents of Partnership Deed.
5. What are the differences between Fixed capital and fluctuating capital method?

6. What is P&L Appropriation Account?
7. State any 2 rights acquired by new partner.

8. what do you mean by Revaluation Account?

9. what is super profit?

10. State the difference between Sacrificing Ratio and Gaining Ratio.

11. State the difference between Dissolution of firm and Dissolution of partnership.

12. What do you mean by Realisation Account.  

13. State any 4 modes of Dissolution of firm 

14. State any 2 features of a not for profit organization.

15. State the adjustment required at the time of Admission of a partner.

CA ( 12 Questions)
1. State any 4 merits and 4 demerits of Computerised Accounting System

2. State the different types of Codes used in CAS.

3. State the components of CAS.

4. What do you mean by a cell.?

5. State the difference between Functions and Formula.

6. State the components of Gross pay.

7. What are the syntax used in DB and PMT.

8. State the difference types of charts.

9. State any 4 advantages of charts

10. What are the system generated Accounts in GNu khata

11. State the different types of vouchers and it's function key.

12. Explain the following terms
a. Table
c.Primary key
By Muhammed Hafeeze 
HSST ALAPPUZHA Accounting with CA

Plus Two Accountancy-AFS Final Preparation Files
Plus Two Accountancy-AFS Model Exam-2022
Question Paper
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Plus Two Accountancy-AFS Short Notes(Eng & Mal) by Abdussalam P V,  HSST COMMERCE GHSS KATTILANGADI
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