Plus Two Political Science Study Notes(Full Topics)



Plus Two Political Science Notes(All in one pdf) by Dr.Denny Varghese)
┗➤ Download (Malayalam) Updated on 10-12-2022
┗➤ Download (English) Updated on 10-12-2022

+2 Political Science Notes(Full Topic) By Joby John, HSST Jr. Political Science, GHSS Adhoor, Kasaragod

Chapter Name Chapter-wise
1. Challenges of Nation Building Download
2. Era of One-Party Dominance Download
3. Politics of Planned Development Download
4. India's External Relations Download
5. Challenges to and Restoration
of the Congress System
6. The Crisis of Democratic Order Download
7. Rise of Popular Movement Download
8. Regional Aspiration Download
9. Recent Developments in
Indian Politics
10. The Cold War Era Download
11. The End of Bipolarity Download
12. US Hegemony in World Politics Download
13. Alternative Centres of Power Download
14. Contemporary South Asia Download
15. International Organizations Download
16. Security in the Contemporary World Download
17. Environment and Natural Resources Download
18. Globalisation Download

Political Science Focus Area 2022 based Notes By -Dr.Tenny Varghese,(GHSS Ayroor)
┗➤ Notes(Eng)
┗➤ Notes(Mal

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