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Plus One Chemistry FA Based Revision Videos | Weightage

Ch No Chapter Name Chapter Wise Weightage
FA Based
Revision Class
1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 6 Click here
2 Structure of Atom 12 Click here
3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 6 Click here
4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 13 Click here
5 States of Matter 8 Click here
6 Thermodynamics 8 Click here
7 Equilibrium 12 Click here
8 Redox Reactions 6 Click here
9 Hydrogen 6 Click here
10 The S-Block Elements 8 Click here
11 The p-Block Elements 8 Click here
12 Organic Chemistry–Some Basic Principles and Techniques 11 Click here
13 Hydrocarbons 12 Click here
14 Environmental Chemistry 4 Click here

+1 Chemistry Projected Scheme for Distribution of Marks based on Model Exam
(By ACT Thrissur)
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Plus One Focus Area Based Notes
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